Immigration Invasion: 1,000 prevented from entering Melilla

Immigrants Invaders after they managed to jump over the fence at Melilla border

MADRID – Over 1,000 migrants invaders of sub-Saharan origin on Thursday tried to cross the border into the Spanish enclave of Melilla in Morocco but were prevented from entering by security forces. Sources with the Melilla government delegation said overnight a large group of migrants invaders attempted to approach the Spanish-Moroccan border.

Since Wednesday afternoon the administrations of Melilla and Ceuta have been holding a bilateral meeting to discuss the immigration invasion emergency which has been ongoing for the past few months and has worsened over the last weeks.

After 1,100 migrants invaders last week broke into Melilla, the Spanish interior ministry boosted security at the border deploying more police and guardia civil units in surveillance operations along the border. As many as 250 officers, mostly anti-riot police, have been deployed. A helicopter is also being used to control the double barrier protecting the border.

For their part Moroccan security forces prevented about 30 migrants invaders from crossing the border out of the 1,000 who attempted to break in.

Morocco over the past few days has also started construction work on a protection barrier at the border with Melilla which is about 30 meters from the metallic double barrier, which is six-meter-high, on Spanish territory.