Bumped: Hudak calls for election over ‘criminal destruction of documents

New revelations of possible criminal activity in the cancelled gas plants saga should prompt Andrea Horwath to pull the plug on Kathleen Wynne’s minority government, Tim Hudak says.

“I don’t know what else they have to do before Andrea Horwath and the NDP come to that same realization that people across the province have already come to,” the Progressive Conservative leader said Thursday. “Now we find out that this actually happened on (Wynne’s) watch — the criminal destruction of documents related to the gas plants scandal.

“This is now Kathleen Wynne’s scandal more than Dalton McGuinty’s and she’s lost the trust of taxpayers to govern our province,” Hudak said.

Won’t happen. The NDP will prop up the Liberal government and the MSM will make sure nothing ever touches Kim Dong Wynne. Pity that recall legislation is not in place for Criminal entities like the Liberal party.

Sgt. Schultz/Nuremberg Defense  Figures Prominently In Liberal Gas Plant Scandal

The police allegations state they are investigating Livingston for breach of trust. They do not state that they are investigating anyone else.

In a letter to the OPP from Livingston’s lawyer, Brian Gover, the lawyer writes that “there are absolutely no grounds to believe that any offence occurred, much less one in which Mr. Livingston was involved.”

Gover also notes that Livingston, who spent most of his life working in the banking industry, arrived for what turned out to be a nine-month stint in government with “no training, guidelines, advice in record-keeping practices or requirements.”

Wynne was sworn in as premier on Monday, Feb. 11, 2013.

He was only following an “absence of orders”