Belgium Is shocked that America thinks it’s racist for its racist cartoon and Obama basketball cookie

Americans angry at ‘racist’ Obama cookie

Belgium’s papers are indignant and confused over a New York magazine post that called their giant Obama-plays-basketball cookie and racist Obama-as-monkey cartoon racist.

“According to New York Magazine the edible artwork is outright racist,” writes Het Nieuwsblad, a daily paper. “The commentary seems a bit exaggerated, but the website is convinced: Belgians are racists.”

Niewsblad goes on to argue that the Obama-monkey cartoon was “taken out of context” and the cookie “seemed like a nice gift for the U.S. Embassy,” but was taken the wrong way. This is not an opinion column, but a sign that Belgian diversity is weak.

Radio station Radio 1 — one of its personalities inspired the cookie present — called the gift “beautiful, something wonderful, something exclusive.”

While several sites, like USA Today and Fox Sports, liked the gift, they couldn’t imagine why New York would say the baker needed to work on his technique (USA Today called it the “Most ridiculous. Present. Ever.”) The New York article, however, was “a stark contrast to the heartwarming” response from the U.S. Embassy writes Radio 1…

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You can see the Obama as monkey photo here.