Allowing sharia law sets dangerous precedent

First, what begins in Britain tends to influence other nations, in particular English-speaking nations and especially countries with a British legal precedent and a Commonwealth tradition. In other words, there’s a good chance it will come to Canada and activists are already pushing for it.

Second, look at every other country that embraces sharia law and ask yourself if this is a superior form of jurisprudence and whether anyone other than Muslim men benefit from it? Certainly not women, certainly not minorities, certainly not the vulnerable and those whom the law is supposed to protect.

Third, this is about giving in to a religious minority group that shouts loudest and intimidates opponents. In Britain it’s just been revealed that a state school paid $125,000 to install a speaker system so Muslim children could be called to prayer. There’s separation of church and state for you. Muslim rape gangs have operated for years and the authorities have been terrified to name their religion, little Pakistani girls are forcibly married to their cousins, female genital mutilation is far from uncommon – yet in Britain so few politicians have the stomach to expose and resist.