Gay ‘diversity training’ turns schools into ‘re-education camps’: Italian cardinal

Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco

“Diversity” training for teachers and students, to promote homosexuality under the rubric of opposing “homophobia,” is a first step toward an enforced ideology of “gender” that is nothing more than a form of soft totalitarianism, a prominent Italian cardinal says.

Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, the archbishop of Genoa and the influential head of the Italian Catholic Bishops’ Conference (CEI), warned against the growth of a “dictatorship of gender,” an ideology that includes the “normalization of homosexuality” and the dissemination of “bias against the family and religious faith.” Government pamphlets, offered as a solution to “homophobic bullying” are, in fact, designed to instill in children “preconceptions against the family, parenthood, religious faith, the difference between fathers and mothers,” he said.

The cardinal noted “with bitterness” the intention to make schools into “indoctrination and re-education camps” in service of this ideology that makes children into test subjects for vast social experiments…