‘Funny’ feminist: I’d ‘personally like to castrate every male conservative Christian’

Joe Newby at The Washington Examiner has found a real doozy of a “comedian.” Her name is Laura Levites – with obviously no connection to the priests of the Old Testament. (She’s an atheist with a fondness for Ricky Gervais.)

She also expressed her hatred of Christians in a tweet calling conservative Christians “scumbags,” claiming they are “really trying” her patience. “Why can’t Agent Orange be legal?” she asked.

I would personally like to castrate every Male Conservative Christian so that they have NO reproductive rights #HobbyLobby
— Laura Levites (@LauraLevites) March 26, 2014

Pls #Boycott @HobbyLobbyStore I’d rather shop at Home Depot for a hacksaw to chop off David Greens dick just so I can shove it up his ass
— Laura Levites (@LauraLevites) March 26, 2014