Canadian radio hosts burn $5,000 in stunt igniting backlash from angry listeners

Katie Summer (left) and Ryan Lindsay of AMP Radio in Calgary, Alberta show off $5,000 in Canadian bills shortly before the money is incinerated in a crematory

Two Canadian radio talk show hosts are feeling the heat from some listeners after the pair burned $5,000 in a crematory as part of a contest. And although they are facing a backlash, another vote, this time with $10,000 on the line, happens Monday.

Ryan Lindsay and Katie Summer host the weekday morning show on 90.3 AMP Radio in Calgary, Alberta. They recently started a contest called “Bank it or Burn it” in which they let listeners decide if a certain amount of money should be torched or given away to a listener.

If a listener voted the latter, they were asked to explain what they would do with the cash. Voting was done through text messaging, Twitter, Facebook or the station’s mobile app.

On Friday, the results came in and 54% of roughly 100,000 votes went to burn the money, which was set at $5,000. […]
The stunt is not sitting well with many listeners.

Angry listeners have also taken to AMP Radio’s Facebook page to voice their anger.

“Your station is a disgrace,” Laura Brown commented. “I hope your advertisers take notice and boycott AMP Radio.”

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The reviews of the burning are right near the top of the FB page, on the right. There does not seem to a way to link to the whole list.