Turkey remembers Chechen ‘resistance leader’ Dokko Umarov

Prayers were given in Turkey

People all over Turkey gathered on Friday to show their respect for Chechen “resistance leader” Dokko Umarov, whose death was announced this week.

Many refugees from the Caucasus, including Umarov’s family, were present in gathering organized in Istanbul.

Egyptian scholar Sheikh Abu Bakr Zubayr led prayers for Umarov, followed by a speech by protest organizer Murat Ozer, who revealed that Umarov had been martyred while fighting in battle.

A poster showing Umarov as the latest in a line of Caucasian “martyrs”

Ozer said, “Just like the heros before him, Umarov fought the enemy for 20 years…he fought like a warrior and just like his predecessors he spilled his blood on the Caucasus mountians, leaving behind a spotless legacy.”

Speaking besides Umarov’s four sons, Ozer added, “Umarov had two great achievements in his life – the first being that he rid the Caucasian people of the nationalism and racism between them, the second being the unfurling the Islamic flag upon an independent and united Caucasia.”