Egypt Sentences 529 Muslim Brotherhood Members To Death – Meanwhile Muslim Brotherhood Opens A New School In Kitchener

Egyptian court sentences 529 Muslim Brotherhood members to death

An Egyptian court sentenced 529 members of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood to death on charges including murder on Monday, a defence lawyer said, in a sharp escalation of a crackdown on the movement.

The ruling was the biggest mass death sentence handed out in Egypt’s modern history, lawyers said.

Meanwhile the Muslim Brotherhood continues to grow in Canada… Muslim school set to open in Kitchener

A new private elementary school will be opening in Kitchener this September.

The school, to be called the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) Maple Grove School, will be the first Muslim school in Kitchener.

The Muslim Association of Canada is the Muslim Brotherhood in Canada – from their “about” page

“MAC’s roots are deeply enshrined in the message of Prophet Mohammad. It’s modern roots can be traced to the vigorous intellectual revivalist effort that took hold in Muslim societies starting in the early twentieth century. This revival aimed at reconciling faith with the challenges of modernity and providing a clear articulation of balance and moderation in understanding Islam. In the Arab world, this revival culminated in the writings of the late Imam Hassan al-Banna and the movement of the Society of Muslim Brothers (commonly known as the Muslim Brotherhood). Al-Banna’s core messages of constructive engagement in society, focus on personal and communal empowerment, and organizational development had a deep impact on much of the Muslim world.”