Calgary Israel Week student volunteer coordinator resigns after lack of community support

From SB – I have received permission to forward a copy of a letter from an engaged and enthusiastic pro-Israel student who needed to resign as campus Israel Week volunteer coordinator because Hillel was repeatedly unsupportive of her ideas; reportedly, the Jewish club was concerned it would be perceived as provoking, controversial, or “upping the ante” on campus. For example, the student volunteer wanted to invite Nonie Darwish to speak at the university, and had started arranging the event. Despite the fact that Hillel/Federation was the first to suggest the speaker, the volunteer was denied support from these organizations for the event. This is how I understand the matter to have transpired. Please find her respectful resignation letter below.

Of note, Nonie Darwish has spoken at many reputable institutions, including “Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Princeton, Brown, Tufts, Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Oxford, Cornell, UCLA, NYU, Virginia Tech, Pepperdine,UC Berkeley and several others. She has also spoken in the United States Congress, the House of Lords and the European Parliament”

Good evening all,

I am going to have to step down from the Israel Week committee. I have been putting school on the back burner to organize this event since February, when I first sent out my proposal. Currently we have no rooms booked and no speakers. Even though I wrote up the three page proposal over a month ago, and found a speaker from the suggested list only to have it thrown back in my face. Due to disorganization, mismanagement and lack of interest from both organizers and members I will have to resign from this committee. I can no longer afford or have any interest in putting in any more of my time or energy into this cause. If you would like to you are all free to use the proposal I wrote up to put on this event but I am no longer able to help you out. I would like to thank everyone who has helped me these past months and I wish the rest of the team the best of luck.