Chinese relatives of lost MH370 flight passengers cry cover-up

“You can’t leave here!” Angry relatives of passengers who were travelling on missing flight MH370 shout at a Malaysian delegation who walked out of a meeting without answering their questions about the search

Relatives of the passengers lost on board the missing Malaysian Airlines jet today slammed Malaysian authorities for keeping them in the dary over the search.

Family members in Beijing accused the Malaysian delegation in China of “concealing the truth” and “making fools” out of the families after they left a meeting without answering questions.

“You can’t leave here! We want to know what the reality is!” they shouted in frustration. “Give us back our loved ones.”

The relatives subsequently released a statement saying they believe they have been “strung along, kept in the dark and lied to by the Malaysian government.”

“This kind of conduct neglects the lives of all the passengers, shows contempt for all their families, and even more, tramples on the dignity of Chinese people and the Chinese government,” it said.

The statement said the Malaysians had “disregarded the life of the passengers,” adding: “They have been fooling the families and the people of the whole world.”