Vladimir Putin laughs at sanctions by asking for monthly salary transferred to sanctioned bank

President of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov (right) also transferred his money to the sactioned bank. He said: “The decision to introduce sanctions against the bank indicates that it is reliable, since the U.S. does not like it”

Vladimir Putin yesterday mocked the West’s sanctions against Russia – as eastern Europe began boosting its defences amid fears of further Kremlin land grabs.

Putin dismissively brushed aside concerns raised by Washington, Brussels and London and inked Crimea’s switch to rule by Moscow in defiance of international objections.

He also laughed off punishments imposed by the U.S. and EU on his closest friends and their banks.

Putin opened an account in blacklisted St Petersburg-based Rossiya Bank, which was singled out for sanctions by America, and ordered that his monthly £4,500 salary be paid into the bank.

“I have ordered the administrative department to transfer my salary there,” he said.