New York: Bill de Blasio gets cold shoulder from boy, after Mayor was late again

Jael Jesus Ramirez, 4, sat down after after Mayor Bill de Blasio (talking at the podium in the background) arrived 45 minutes late to the bill signing

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s chronic lateness has rubbed reporters the wrong way since his inauguration, but now even children are becoming impatient.

A four-year-old child broke protocol and sat down in front of adults standing at the front of a Thursday event where the mayor was almost an hour late to sign his first bill into law, the boy then refused to clap as the bill was signed.

Jael Jesus Ramirez is not the first child to have issue with hizzonor’s lack of regard for others’ time, a child infamously passed out waiting for the chronically-late mayor to introduce his new city schools chancellor earlier late last year.

People are informally required to stand at the front of events attended by the mayor, regardless of tardiness.

The Mayor’s first few months have been marred by lateness so routine that city hall reporters have taken to calling it ‘de Blasio time’ on social media.

WCBS reporter Marsha Kramer, who has covered city hall for decades, said she’s ‘never seen anything like it,’ in a recent report.

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Very unprofessional of him.  He sounds like an arrogant jerk.