Bizarro world: Registered sex offender busted for ‘sucking a woman’s toes at Walmart while posing as a podiatry student’

Michael A. Brown: weird guy

A registered sex offender was arrested on Monday at a Walmart in North Carolina for allegedly sucking on a woman’s toes while posing as a podiatry student.

Michael Brown, 31, was taken into custody on Thursday night and charged with a misdemeanor assault on a female after police recognized him in surveillance photos of a man leaving a Walmart store on North Generals Boulevard.

Brown approached Erika Porras, 40, who was shopping in the Walmart on Monday with her daughter Kattie.

Brown told Porras he was a podiatry student and asked her if he could do “research” by accompanying her while she tried on shoes.

He said, “Follow me to the shoe department,” and Porras, who thought he worked at the store, obeyed.

Erika’s daughter Kattie told WCNC that he said, “I need to take a picture for research,” and when he did, he stuck her foot in his mouth.

Detective Dennis Harris told WCNC he’s never seen anything like this. “Kind of bizarre, strange,” he said…