Canadian atheist: How come atheists never sue Muslims? Not because they are cowards

Some Christians on Twitter (and elsewhere) like to ask why atheists don’t sue Muslims, but instead only sue Christians. Basically, they’re saying atheists are scared of Muslims, which is why organizations like the ACLU and the FFRF don’t sue Muslims.

The real reason why these organizations don’t sue Muslims is pretty simple – it isn’t cowardice…it’s simply that they’re not breaking the law in North America, while Christians break the law on a regular basis.

Islam isn’t the dominant religion here in North America. In fact, if a Muslim group were to try and do some of the things Christians like to do on a regular basis, Christians would probably be screaming “separation of church and state” as loudly as any atheist.

Could you imagine a Muslim group insisting children pray to Allah in the classroom? Or if they had the audacity to read from the Qur’an in a public space, such as a school or public event payed for by the taxpayer?

There would be hell to pay.

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He clearly has not heard of the Mosqueteria, even though he lives in Ontario.

  • BS-Bobby

    This article is quite wrong. As an Athiest I can attest that atheists in the United States are only after one thing; persecution and irradication of Christians. Why else do they not go after schools that hold Islamic based assignments? Why else do they not target schools that acknowledge Islamic holidays? Montgomery county Schools in md give holidays off for Muslim holidays. I don’t think any day should be off for a school district for a holiday (especially when atheists don’t have a holiday). Ffrf and aclu ( if they truly believed in equality for fight for it ) but instead they only want to punish and destroy the Christian religion. They give atheists a bad name… Much like the author of this article.

  • Lager Perry

    simply not true. If someone wanted to read their religious book in a public space, no Christian would ever object. And if they wanted to praise allah in school, we’d say exactly what we say now, if you don’t believe in it, don’t recite it.