On the Palestinians recognizing Israel as Jewish state

Four articles recommended by Martin Kramer.

Ari Shavit, Four reasons why Israel must be recognized as a Jewish state: Former Mossad chief Meir Dagan thinks the demand to recognize Israel as a Jewish state is nonsense.

But it is not nonsense – it is the most natural and justified demand imaginable. For four different reasons we must support Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Justice Minister Tzipi Livni, who are placing the demand at the top of the diplomatic agenda.

Sephardic Synagogue in Jerusalem

Dror Eydar, The debate is about our right to exist: Why should it be necessary to search high and low for Palestinian recognition of a Jewish state? Because there is none. One can read the declarations of the Palestinian Authority and its leaders over the past 20 years.

Indeed, opposing recognition of Israel as the national home of the Jewish people is more important to the Palestinians than land, since this is the true heart of the conflict, rather than the other territorial nonsense that the Left has been selling for years. It’s not about territory and not about settlements and not about refugee rights, not at all.

Caroline Glick, Why make light of PLO non-recognition of Israel? Over the weekend, the Obama administration began walking back its support for Israel’s demand that the PLO recognize Israel as the Jewish state.

At a State Department media briefing on Friday, State Department Spokesperson Jennifer Psaki said, “If you look at the issue of a Jewish state and whether Israel will be called a Jewish state, that’s been our position, as you know, for a long time, but that doesn’t reflect what the parties will agree to, which I know you know.”

Shaul Rosenfeld: What lies behind PA refusal to recognize Jewish state? While in the previous “peace editions” of Oslo 1993, Camp David 2000, Taba 2001 and Annapolis 2007, the local “peace camp” waved the peace premium and delivered the news of a promised economic paradise – in the recent edition the announcers have replaced the promised paradise with the hell awaiting us all if, God forbid, we oppose the Kerry document.