Crazy headline of the day: ‘European democracy getting more beautiful’

The two major parties in the European Parliament have chosen their candidates for the presidency of the European Commission for the period 2015-19: Jean-Claude Juncker and Martin Schulz, The first is Socialist while the second is a Christian-Democrat.
This candidate shall be elected by the European Parliament.” If this candidate does not get the required majority, a new candidate will be proposed.

Could the council challenge Parliament by choosing a candidate of its own? This could happen, but would trigger a dangerous conflict between the two institutions, with the first a likely loser. In a moment of rampant anti-Europeanism, a president of the commission elected by the Parliament from candidates chosen by the political parties would dissolve most of the criticisms leveled at the democratic deficit of the European Union.
Juncker and Schulz embody two visions of Europe that will be discussed, among more extremes views, in an election campaign that should finally be centered on European issues. European voters, between May 23 and 25, will cast their ballot for the new European Parliament that will then elect the president of the commission. Regardless of who will prevail, it will be a victory for European democracy.