Council of Islamic Ideology declares women’s existence anti-Islamic

“The CII meeting also advised the government that to protect Islam women’s right to breathe should also be taken away from them. “Whether a woman is allowed to breathe or not be left up to her husband or male guardian, and no woman under any circumstance whatsoever should be allowed to decide whether she can breathe or not,” Shirani said.”

h/t DBN

15 years old Christian girl abducted and forcibly converted to Islam in Rahim Yar Khan

“Targeting the Minor Christian and Minority girls in Pakistan is a pleasure full event for Muslim males. There are hundreds of girls like Komal who was abducted rape and then forcibly converted to Islam.

This is also observed that the on-going violence against Minority women has increased, and Christian, Hindu girls are not saving anymore in Pakistan. This was one of the reason why more than 2000 Hindu families left Pakistan in 2012 and almost 9000 Christians took Refuge in south Eastern countries.”

Karo-kari devour two more girls in Shikarpur

Two girls were murdered couple of weeks ago in the name of Karo-kari over marrying guys of their own choosing. The jirga (a court of elders) in its judgment ordered the boys to pay a fine of Rs2.4 million each to escape meeting the same fate.

The jirga was presided over by Ghaus Bux Mehar, an MNA of Pakistan Muslim League-Functional (PML-F). Taking notice of the same, DIG Larkana Khalid Rind has formed an investigation team headed by ASP City Kamran Nawaz.

The jirga declared the girls from Mehar community Kari and boys from Jagirani tribe Karo for marrying according to their own will.