Purim spoof: First Cat Knesset elections come off without a hitch

Several of the prospective members of the Cat Knesset spend time learning Roberts Rules of Order.

After years of feeling like deprived second-class citizens, cats went to the polls en masse Thursday to elect the country’s first all-feline parliament.

The lines were around the block in Nahlaot as cats of all shapes and sizes, colors and backgrounds, lined up to vote.

Prof. Duncan Ben-Simon of the Mebrew University described the election as a momentous turning point in democracy.

“For years, it was clear there was a problem of lack of representation for such a huge population in Israel.”

Estimates vary, but there are thought to be at least 2 million cats in the country, according to the organization National Organization of Cat Lovers (NOCL).

“What we began to see is greater political mobilization by these wonderful creatures. It began, as all movements like this do, among the intellectual house cats, but it has now trickled down to a mass movement.”

Several cats interviewed expressed hope for a better future; “Meow meow meooow meow,” explained Furball…