A new one: Challenging biphobia

Biphobia is being recognised, as a specific issue requiring targeted actions, by more and more organisations working on sexual orientation and gender identity questions! Here you will find arguments and ideas for mobilising to challenge biphobia, as well as links to further resources. It is destined to be updated in the coming days, and in the future! Please send your comments and suggestions to contact@dayagainsthomophobia.org

The idea that identifying as bisexual is a way to avoid homophobia, or easier/safer than coming out as gay is a myth. The people who hate us don’t distinguish between us. homosexuality and bisexuality are ‘not exclusively heterosexual’ and therefore to be feared, hated, distrusted.

In homophobic environments, whether schools or offices or households, bisexual people are scared to come out, because they’ll be seen as ‘them’ and ‘other’ too.

Bisexuals also face a distinct form of stigma, both from people who are homophobic and from ones who aren’t. As a matter of fact, bisexuals face stigma and discrimination from within the lesbian and gay community itself. This stigma is based on the denial that there can be more than a binary homo/straight division of sexuality.

Everyone who has an interest in keeping borders clear (either straight or homosexuals, who have constructed their identities – and political powers – within these categories) will attack bisexuals, challenging them back into the binary division. This is when you hear that ‘bisexuals are just hypocrites’, or ‘they can’t make their minds up’.