Muslim employees at Minneapolis City Hall recently declared “Hijab Day” in the workplace

…and convinced (“convinced”. Heh) non-Muslim co-workers to don the Muslim head covering, including the city’s police chief, Janeé Harteau, who is well known as a homosexual.

…Commenting on this report, Pam Geller wondered how the city allowed “Hijab Day” in the first place. Geller wondered if the celebration of this religious garb is a violation of the establishment clause. (Silly. The Establishment Clause is about thwarting evil Christianists, not vibrant Muslimas-for-a-day.)

Minneapolis has been implementing all sorts of Muslim-friendly policies of late. The city police department just welcomed its first female Somali police officer and even changed its uniform regulations to allow her* to wear a hijab on the job. (*I wonder if she still has some or all of her external genitalia?)