Fox political analyst Andrea Tantaros attacks Islam as ‘the most intolerant religion In the world’

Andrea Tantaros, always a voice of tolerance (just kidding) joked that “The Five” should sell “Fatwa This” tee-shirts on their website. (Please, go for it.)

 Good Christian Tantaros, who doesn’t understand why “the left” won’t defend persecuted Christians as much as it does Muslims, declared that “Islam is the most intolerant religion in the world.”

She got out her broad brush in describing Islam: “They turn on people who turn on Islam and kill them, even worse than people who aren’t Islamic in the first place.”

Being good Christians and all, I guess that Tantaros and her friends are unaware of the rabid intolerance of the Christian religious right towards homosexuality – an intolerance based on the Christian bible. And being Fox News anti-Islam propaganda pimps, I guess they’re unaware that Christians were also upset about “inaccuracies” in “Noah” which has been edited in order to avoid offending Christians.

But seriously, can you imagine the outrage on “The Five” if somebody in the librul media said that Christians are idiots – and judging from what you see on The Five, they might be right on the money!