Belgium’s ban on sexist insults

Mocking a stay-at-home father or insulting a woman for wearing revealing clothes will be illegal in Belgium under sexism laws unveiled yesterday.

Sexist comments in the office, on the street or online will be punishable by courts in what is thought to be the first legislation of its type.

Equality minister Joelle Milquet said shaming a man for being a house husband will be banned, but added that the legal protections were designed mainly for women.

‘Men do not realise that women hear sexist remarks on a daily basis,’ Miss Milquet told a Brussels newspaper. ‘These little insults shouted out at women by groups of youths … are trivialised in our society.

‘This has to stop. A woman is not a sexual object.’

Such comments about men or women in general will still be allowed, but those found guilty of sexism towards an individual will be fined.

* * *
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