With Gaza flaring up, the trail leads to Iran

Islamic Jihad militants in the Rafah Refugee Camp, southern Gaza Strip

Let’s start with the good news: As of Thursday morning, it appears as if the parties involved in the fighting along the Israel-Gaza border, Hamas and Islamic Jihad, have calmed down. Israeli strikes Wednesday focused solely on targeting unmanned rocket launch sites. In other words, there were no Palestinian casualties in any of the 29 strikes.

Islamic Jihad stopped firing at Israel in the early evening hours of Wednesday. And while two lone rockets were fired overnight, as well as a few more Thursday morning, compared to Wednesday’s barrage it seems that the militant organization is signaling that is does not desire any further escalation.

But here is the not-so-good news. Although Hamas has exhibited impressive control of the situation in the Gaza Strip in recent years, the last sequence of events indicates that its power is no longer what it once was.

Moreover, and for the umpteenth time, Israelis received further evidence of the damaging implications internal Palestinian politics can have on Israel.