The war on discipline

Since the 1960s we have spent trillions to uplift the bottom. All nostrums, whether liberal or conservative, free market or statist, have failed and there is nothing on the agenda that offers any hope. The latest, President Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper scheme to help struggling young men of color, is similarly doomed.

Why? All such methods avoid imposing painful hard work. As the old slogan tells us: no pain, no gain. Achieving anything in life entails some discomfort, but this simple fact is unspeakable for today’s social engineers.

No politician dares endorse measures that cause discomfort to recipients. Imagine training today’s impulsive poor to steel themselves against temptation by electrically shocking them if they open the fridge too often. Better to put a smile on their faces with free meals, free cell phones, subsidized housing, and yet more pointless social services.