Palestinians retract charge against IDF in West Bank death

Illustrative photo of an automobile accident

Palestinian security sources retracted Tuesday an accusation, made earlier in the day, that the IDF had fired on a Palestinian driver in the West Bank, killing him and causing his car to crash.

According to a Ma’an News report, driver Fidaa Muhye Addin Majadlah was killed and passenger Ibrahim Adnan Shukri was seriously injured after their car went off the road and flipped over. Both men were from Tulkarem.

A Palestinian security source had initially told AFP that IDF forces had fired on the vehicle. The news agency retracted the story after the Palestinians notified them that “their information on army gunfire was incorrect.”

According to Ma’an, Palestinian government sources claimed that the wreck was the result of a high-speed chase by Israeli security forces. However, an IDF spokesperson said that there were no reports of a chase, and the incident was “probably a car accident.”