Female college student in Kenya claims to have infected over 300 men with HIV on purpose

A female college students in Kenya says she has infected over 300 men with HIV and has a goal of infecting 2,000. She says she was raped at a party and infected with HIV. She tries to have unprotected sex with at least four different men per day to get “revenge.”

She contacted a Kenyan gossip website to tell her story on the condition of anonymity. However, she used her Facebook account which included pictures of herself. So newspapers and websites in Kenya and Nigeria published pictures off of her Facebook account anyway. She says her goal is to infect over 2,000 with HIV.

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Crazy made-up story? It is quite possible she got HIV in Kenya as the disease is not uncommon in that area. However, if she is taking treatment it is unlikely that she could infect every man she had sex with. In fact, she is likely to truly get HIV (if she does not already have it) and many other nasty things into the bargain if she keeps this up.

h/t Blueburb