UK: Top judge who was soft on foreign criminals sacked after it emerged he was living with an illegal immigrant

Richard McKee

A senior immigration judge has been forced to quit after his bosses discovered he had been living with an illegal immigrant.

Richard McKee, 65, agreed to step down after admitting he had been supporting 39-year-old Nigerian woman, Fatima Umar, who had overstayed her visa to the UK.

The judge, a full-time Tribunal Judge of the Upper Tribunal since 2002, left his job on 4 February after Umar was arrested at his £410,000 flat in Kilburn, north London, where she had previously lived with him.

Today it emerged that she was arrested after breaking into the basement flat she had shared with Mr McKee and smashing it up, causing £5,000 damage, on 28 January this year.

Police were called and as they tried to arrest Umar, she assaulted them before being dragged ‘kicking and screaming’ out of the property, neighours said.

Umar is now serving two eight-week jail terms after admitting one count of criminal damage and three counts of assault, and is expected to be deported when her sentence ends.

Nuno Jesus Ramos, 26, a Portugese national who the Home Office tried to deport for his role in the manslaughter of 47-year-old Joao DaCosta Mitendele, who was robbed in his own home, tortured and left to suffocate: He was allowed to stay by a sympathetic judge

According to police records, she was also sentenced to 14 weeks in prison three years ago after assaulting Mr McKee.

He was one of three senior immigration judges who allowed 26 foreign criminals to stay in Britain because of their ‘right to a family life’ in just one year, while ruling that only seven be sent home.

Last year, Mr McKee’s ground-floor flat was the subject of a police investigation after it was discovered that his home was being used for ‘unlawful activities’ which he had not told his bosses about.
Between June 2011 and May 2012, Mr McKee, 64, heard 13 cases involving criminals appealing against deportation, and in 11 of them he ruled in favour of the criminal bringing the appeal.

Criminals he allowed to stay included Congolese national Wabi Longange, a failed asylum seeker found guilty of causing the death of a woman passenger by careless driving, and an Australian man, known only by the initials CB, who sexually assaulted a 17-year-old girl he had fostered eight years previously.

He also let Algerian illegal immigrant Amar Chennaoui, 43, stay after he was jailed for two-and-a-half years for unlawful wounding.

The former judge is now likely to receive a full pension of at least £50,000.