François Hollande ‘vigilant’ after Islamist group calls for his assassination in response to France helping Central African Republic in its fight against Muslim rebels

A militant Islamist website has created a series of posters calling for attacks on France and for the assassination of President François Hollande in reprisal for the country’s policies in Mali and the Central African Republic.

In addition to assisting Mali in its war against Islamists, France sent troops four months ago to the majority Christian Central African Republic, where predominantly Muslim Seleka rebels seized power a year ago.

The Seleka have since been pushed back by Christian anti-balaka – known as anti-machete in the local language – militia.

The al Minbar Jihadi Media Network, a well-known Islamist website, created six posters as part of a campaign it dubbed “We will not be silent, O France,” according to the SITE monitoring service.

The forum’s “Media soldiers for the support of Islam” designed the posters, which can be downloaded and printed by visitors to the site.