Ezra Trial Day Last

I will be attending Ezra’s trial with my usual lack of enthusiasm save for the fact that today should be the last installment of this protracted nonsense. Cross examination should finish up followed by closing arguments.

I wish I could predict with confidence a positive outcome however the gap between what is normal and what is libel law in Canada is so vast, so ludicrously non-representative of this era that anything is possible. The silly parsing of language, the imagined grievances and alleged harms to “reputation” allowed to exploit this artifact of law is beyond parody. As it exists libel law in Canada is a danger to free society offering little beyond shackles and potential impoverishment for its victims.

Blogwrath writes on yesterday’s festivities – The sixth day of the trial of Ezra Levant was marked by the “clash of the titans.” Khurrum Awan’s lawyer cross-examined Ezra Levant. The trial’s importance about the free speech in Canada continues to be underestimated even by the so-called conservative commentators.