Mark Steyn: ‘Testifying’ doesn’t quite capture what Ezra did on Friday

It was a fine performance.

I’ll be heading to EZ’s trial today. He’ll face cross examination and I expect we’ll witness a barn burner.

After Friday I believe his chances of victory much improved. The Mutually Acceptable Author Canard was effectively sidelined by Julian Porter’s testimony. Mr. Awan has testified that he cannot be held to account for the series of press releases, Op-Eds, letters to the editor etc that promulgated the Mutually Acceptable Author fable despite the fact they bore his name and that he may have at the least reviewed and even contributed content to them.

The Canadian Islamic Congress was and remains, without question, an anti-semitic cabal whose public support of both Hamas and Hezbollah, organizations dedicated to the destruction of Israel, was well known both within and without that cesspit. Mr. Awan’s contention that he was unaware of the CIC’s positions on this and other matters caused more than a few raised eye-brows.

The socks narrative runs that they were mere babes in the woods, playing it by ear as it were and ultimately overwhelmed by Macleans response. Julian Porter recalls that they were well prepared, and perhaps most damaging, the notes he took at the Sock-puppet/Macleans meeting indicate that the Socks revealed their plan to file human rights complaints all along if their demands were not met.

Much doubt has been cast on Awan’s role in the BCHRT hearing. Of note is that all 3 human rights complaints, filed in Ontario, British Columbia and with the CHRC, were essentially carbon copies of one another. Further Awan was chosen to testify at the BCHRT hearing and not Mohamed el Masry the registered complainant. Faisal Joseph’s testimony that Awan was chosen as part of his grand strategy was less than convincing especially given that lawyer client privilege was invoked to halt questioning on certain matters. I recall also that Julian Porter testified that Joseph looked “like he needed the help” of the Socks despite Joseph’s prior claim to be in full control and without need of their assistance on any level.

For all that, how it turns out is anybody’s guess, today may make all the difference.