Iran’s gift to Gaza terrorists: 40 missiles, 181 mortar shells and 400,000 bullets

Prime Minister Benajmin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon and Israeli Navy Commander Vice Adm. Ram Rothberg were scheduled to hold a press conference Monday at the Eilat Port to present the Gaza-bound weaponry found aboard the Klos C ship, which was intercepted by the navy last week in the Red Sea.

The ship was carrying:

  • 40 Syrian-made M-302 missiles with a 90-to-160 kilometer (60-to-100 mile) range
  • 181 mortar shells, 120 mm caliber
  • About 400,000 bullets, 7.62 mm caliber
The Klos-C under escort by an Israeli warship, to Eilat

Soldiers from Yahalom, the Israel Defense Forces combat engineering unit for special operations, began unpacking the ship’s cargo on Saturday afternoon. After unloading and removing the weapons, the containers were returned to the ship’s hold.

The 17 crew members of the Klos C have been questioned by Military Intelligence personnel. It was expected that the ship, along with its crew, would be released and allowed to depart on Monday.

Military attaches, ambassadors and members of the press from around the world were expected to come to the presentation of the seized weapons on Monday.

During the presentation, the weapons Iran was trying to send to Gaza terror groups will be displayed and the means of hiding the weapons will be explained in an effort to show the world that Iran, which is in the midst of negotiations with the West, cannot be trusted. Netanyahu is also expected to reveal documents and testimonies from crew members that connect Iran to the arms shipment.

Video at link.