Crazy Irish woman: A scream of solidarity to my fellow women everywhere

Cara Park speaking at Stormont on International Women’s Day. ‘By dressing like this, does that immediately make me a “slut”, a “slag”, a “whore”?’

I have always wanted to do this and I am not sure if I will get the opportunity again so if you could humour me, I want to let out a scream.

A scream of frustration.

A scream of solidarity to my fellow woman who are not able to express themselves in such a fashion, who are suffering injustice and discrimination.

If you would join in a cry/a keen for other women who are suffering.

Thank you.

I stand before you today as a woman unfree, in spite of the location of my birth here in the European Union, a colony of the British empire, the island of Ireland, Eire.

This is because I do not have the same rights as my sisters in other parts of these conglomerate nations. I am officially a citizen of the United Kingdom but the same freedom of reproductive choice is not awarded to me.

I am expressing my femininity.

My sexuality.

My youth.

My body.

Does that make me superficial?

* * *
I don’t know why anyone reads The Guardian.