Camp of Saints update: New migrant assault on Spanish enclave Melilla

Clandestine migrants made a new assault on the Spanish enclave Melilla in Morocco. Last night about 150 Sub-Saharans tried to force their way through the entrance of Pinare de Rostrogordo, attacking security forces with sticks and stones, the Civil Guard reported. About twenty migrants succeeded in overcoming the six-metre high fence to enter.

Once inside, the illegal migrants were identified and accompanied to the temporary reception centre where expulsion proceedings were initiated.

Last night’s attempt follows a dawn attack Sunday by two groups of clandestine immigrants, numbering 500 and 200 each.

Those migrants were repulsed by the Civil Guard and by Moroccan police forces. About 30,000 people with the intention to enter the Melilla and Ceuta enclaves are currently in the surrounding Gurugu’ mountains, according to the Unified Association of Civil Guards.