Australia: Sydney cab driver who told a 90-year-old passenger he hoped she would “die” is begging to keep his job

Ammar Dawood at his Mt Druitt home.

The NSW Roads and Maritime Service (RMS) ­cancelled the taxi licence of former Iraqi barber Ammar Dawood after more than 25 passenger complaints, a raft of speeding and traffic offences and an accident as a result of “road rage”.

The NSW Civil and ­Administrative Tribunal last week upheld the decision of the RMS to keep the Mount Druitt father out of a cab, noting Mr Dawood’s “lack of anger-management skills” and a complaint file 58 pages long.

However, Mr Dawood told The Sunday Telegraph he wants to appeal against the decision, claiming most incidents were a result of “misunderstandings” or simply “made up”.

His unhappy customers included an elderly woman who Mr Dawood picked up from Chatswood in 2011. The tribunal heard that an argument began with the 90-year-old over the appropriate route to Lane Cove, with the woman asking to be taken to the police station instead.

The complaint log stated Mr Dawood had allegedly said he’d rather push her out first, before declaring: “All you old people are (deleted expletive) bitches” and “get out of my taxi you (deleted expletive) bitch”.

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