UAE: Two arrested for human trafficking, black magic in Sharjah

The suspects with seized items

The Sharjah Police on Thursday arrested an Arab woman and a man for forcing women into prostitution and engaging in black magic.

The suspects used to bring young ladies from various Arab countries promising them good jobs and then forcing them to practice prostitution.

The police said that one of the victims, a woman, approached the police and provided necessary information about the illegal activities. She told the police that she was being threatened and forced to practice prostitution. She added that the woman suspect brought her from her home country promising her a job in a salon.

But when she arrived, she was shocked to discover that she had been brought in for prostitution. Upon arrival, the suspects made her sign a receipt which said she had received Dh20,000 ($5,440 USD), and used this to force her into prostitution. When she refused, they threatened to send her to jail. She said she managed to run away from them and reach the police.