PressTV – Islamic extremism is a Zionist tool against Muslims

These people are victims of a Zionist plot!

“Zionists theorized that if Muslims could be made to stray from Islam path through systematic radicalization, its people would either be made to fear the religious and thus be ready to fall into the trap of Western heresy or be turned into weapons at the service of its Takfiri legions,” Catherine Shakdam wrote in an article for Press TV [run by Iranian government] on Thursday.

“Through the promotion of radicalism, Zionists aim first and foremost to destroy Islam’s youth, to pervert an entire generation,” she added.

The analyst noted that global Zionism also seeks to create “a state of constant fear and hatred” across the globe as a final phase of its plan to claim victory over the world nations.

Shakdam pointed to the campaign by Wahhabi religious leaders to “twist and turn the Holy Scriptures” as to support and justify their nefarious plans in the Middle East, particularly in Syria, as a manifest example of that plot.

In recent years, many Muslim countries have been plagued with a growing tide of extremism with many nations, including, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan and Pakistan becoming the daily scenes of bloody terrorist attacks by Takfiri extremist groups.

On December 18, the UN General Assembly overwhelmingly voted to approve Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s proposal of World Against Violence and Violent Extremism (WAVE), which calls on all nations across the globe to denounce violence and extremism.

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How do the Zionists do it?  Truly, they must be very clever.  Not only can they train animals, they can also influence the thinking of millions of Muslims.  It is as if they had supernatural powers.