Multicultural Food Fight: Drunk Threatens Baker For Innocently Offering Bacon Sandwich – “Can’t you see I’m tanned!”

NB Google Translate France – A baker…, his clerk and his daughter were targeted, late last night, with verbal abuse and threatened with a weapon. It was 5 hours 50 and the store had not yet opened when an individual parked wildly on the sidewalk in front of the shop and began knocking at the door. He was hungry, demanding food. One of the employees explained that the snacks were not yet ready, but he kindly offered to make him a sandwich.

The man waited patiently. But when he received his sandwich, he became angry and insulted the staff because the bread contained bacon, so pork. he hurled a volley of insults declaring himself a victim of provocation from the bakery: “Can not you see I’m tanned!”. The baker intervened to calm and explain that it was not meant as an insult at which point, the individual pulled out a knife and threatened him. The police intervened and arrested the belligerent who had a blood – alcohol level of 1.76 grams.

Arrested for DWM?  h/t Fds