Google doodle for International Women’s Day features 27 chromosomes, and tries to abolish its sexist reputation

Doodle for International Women’s Day

In light of the recent uproar over Google Doodles being sexist, we were wondering what they’d have in store for International Women’s Day.

Now we know: Friday’s Doodle celebrates the day, celebrated annually March 8, with an illustration of 27 female chromosomes and an interactive video featuring more than a hundred women.

The video showcases women of various colors, nationalities, abilities and disabilities, languages, walks of life, ages, and gender identities…

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Those (♀) are not chromosomes, they are symbols. Technical point, I know, but it is people like her that are always ranting about women not being represented in technical fields. Clearly she does even know what a chromosome is! Wiki describes the symbol thus:

A common symbol used to represent the female sex is ♀ (Unicode: U+2640 Alt codes: Alt+12), a circle with a small cross underneath.

According to Schott, the most established view is that the male and female symbols “are derived from contractions in Greek script of the Greek names of these planets, namely Thouros (Mars) and Phosphoros (Venus). These derivations have been traced by Renkama who illustrated how Greek letters can be transformed into the graphic male and female symbols still recognised today.” Thouros was abbreviated by θρ, and Phosphoros by Φκ, which were contracted into the modern symbols.

As for the video, the author of the above piece quotes Telegraph writer Radhika Sanghani saying:

The video is made up of footage sent in from all over the world, and it’s a great idea, but it almost looks like it’s just a montage of still pictures set to music, with occasional “Happy IWD” messages. To be honest, it is hard to be inspired when you’re just looking at endless footage of women – some of whom are not even recognizable – but according to Rafael, who also worked on the project, that’s meant to be the point.

It is just the usual boring agitprop stuff we see all the time about “diversity.” It was too boring for me to finish watching it.