Crimean Tatars to boycott secession vote

Refat Chubarov

(RIA Novosti) – The semi-formal government of the Crimean Tatars said Thursday that the ethnic minority will boycott the secession referendum set by the Ukrainian region’s pro-Russian authorities.

Crimea’s parliament set a popular vote for March 16 to decide whether the republic should join Russia or remain a part of Ukraine, possibly with increased autonomy.

But the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar People, who constitute about 15 percent of the region’s population of 2 million, calls to boycott the vote, the organization’s head Refat Chubarov said.

“[Vote] results that will be made public will obviously be determined elsewhere regardless of the turnout on voting day,” Chubarov said, the news site reported.

The majlis requests an armed UN peacekeeping force be deployed in the Crimean peninsula, Chubarov said.

Crimean authorities refused last week to recognize the new central government in Kiev installed by the largely nationalist opposition that ousted President Viktor Yanukovych in late February.

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Why do people boycott votes? Even if their side does not win, the more that vote their way, the more reasonable their position appears to outsiders. I am baffled.