World’s top 100 universities 2014: their reputations ranked by Times Higher Education, Muslim world largely missing

Harvard University

Harvard university has retained its number one spot on the Times Higher Education’s world reputation ranking of universities, with US institutions taking eight of the top 10 positions.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Stanford follow to make up the top three. Cambridge and Oxford are both down one place on last year’s rankings which puts them in fourth and fifth place respectively.

The University of California, Berkeley, Princeton, Yale, California Institute of Technology and the University of California, Los Angeles take the remaining places in the top 10.

The US, with 46 institutions in the top 100, is named as an ”undisputed superpower when it comes to university brands” by the creators of the list. In the release, they also highlight what they call “worrying evidence of reputational decline among UK institutions.”

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You see the full results and details on they are ranked here. A chart of number of universities in the top 100 by country shows that the Muslim world is conspicuously missing, except for one in Turkey.