Islamophobia is not “freedom of speech” AND Are the feds trying to get rid of Omar Khadr?

Islamophobes always invoke the “freedom of speech” argument to peddle their racist ideology. This nasty campaign has also been joined by opportunist Muslims that want to ingratiate themselves to the white master to advance their political career.

And, from the same publication (The Crescent): “Troubling provisions in Canada’s Citizenship act”

The proposed act gives the minister of immigration vast discretionary powers to strip citizens with dual nationality if they are convicted of terrorism-related offences in a third country and sentenced to five years in prison…

In the context of Canada’s proposed Citizenship law, several commentators have noted that the intended target of the bill is almost certainly Omar Khadr, convicted by a kangaroo military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay in October 2010 to eight years in prison.

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The Crescent is associated with The Institute of Contemporary Islamic Thought. Prominent on their main page is the following:

Our task is to dream and work for the future — for a time when a new Muslim civilization will emerge — a dynamic, thriving, growing, healthy and happy civilization; a civilization in which man will be at peace with himself, with the physical environment and, above all, with his Creator. In the meantime, we must plan and produce the prerequisites for such a civilization.

And what if most people in Canada are not interested in such a civilization?