Ezra update- Greg Felton takes us for a ride on Rocketship Batshit Crazy

Admittedly I found it oddly refreshing to hear Obama described as an Israeli Satrap, and Hillary Clinton labelled a “Warmongering Whore” in an actual court of law…

Greg Felton is no stranger to readers of this blog. Today Felton was called as a defense witness to verify that the following quotes attributed to Khurram Awan in an interview he conducted with Awan were “true”. Awan has denied making the statements attributed to him but Felton stands by his story that the quotes were made during a telephone interview with the Sock.

“The only explanation is that the tribunal rendered a political decision, not a legal one,” said plaintiff Khurrum Awan. “It could just as easily have ruled in our favour. Nevertheless, we do not plan to appeal the decision because we attained our strategic objective—to increase the cost of publishing anti-Islamic material.”

Awan said Maclean’s spent $500,000 alone on the B.C. case, but that does not take into account the case in Ontario. Link

Ezra’s lawyer cross examined Felton and it went reasonably well, Felton seemed sane during the exercise as he explained the history of the article and his association with Awan. Despite having misplaced the notes he made for the piece he came across as a reasonable human being.

Then he was cross-examined by Awan’s counsel and  Rocketship Batshit Crazy left the launch pad.
Shiller had a field day having Felton describe the locus of his work as a “journalist” starting with Kennedy’s assassination is the coup d’état that dare not speak its name”

“JFK abhorred nuclear weapons, and wanted to rid the world of them. He was determined to conclude a peace treaty with Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev, with whom he had been keeping a secret correspondence, and to implement a unilateral test ban. Most significantly, JFK refused to sell Israel nuclear weapons and demanded that Israel’s nuclear facility at Dimona be completely open for inspection. On July 5, 1963, Kennedy wrote a letter to Prime Minister Levi Eshkol (né Shkol’nik) to that effect.

The request was contemptuously ignored; four months later Kennedy was dead. Johnson proceeded to turn Kennedy’s rational policy on its head and put the U.S. on the long humiliating road to becoming Israel’s bitch.”

It was all I could do not to fall out of my chair. And then he was asked to explain hi 911 opus –  September 11: The Highest Stage of Zionism 

The next stage happened with Jimmy Carter, who was a Baptist Christian. Ironically, I consider Carter to be the last president of the republic. You see, he was the last president elected by the American public. Every president since then has been put into power by a cabal of interest groups—Zionist Christians, Zionist Jews, and the combined forces in PNAC.