Ezra Trial The Final Day

Both K and I will be heading to Ezra’s final day of trial.

It’s been an interesting week filled with highs and lows, points made and opportunities lost. For instance Awan’s controversial letter to Jason Kenney was raised in evidence earlier this week. Kenney rightly ridiculed the note as most will be familiar. What wasn’t mentioned were the people Awan cc’d on his letter to Kenney. Among them, frothing at the mouth crazy Islamist Zafar Bangash, Jamal Badawi then a board member of the Hamas linked CAIR-Can and “person of interest” in the Holy Land Terrorist fund raising trial and representing the fundamentalist wing of the Organization of Local Crazy Anti-Zionists – Ali Mallah. These names and others are found in the jpg below.

Mark Steyn recounts yesterdays highlights.

“As the blogger Blazing Cat Fur said, it’s “oddly refreshing to hear Obama described as an Israeli Satrap, and Hillary Clinton labelled a ‘Warmongering Whore’ in an actual court of law”. So a good time was had by all – for as long as it lasted.

But, for those of us who want Ezra to win, it was a dismal moment. Felton was so convinced of the truth of that Awan quotation that he was prepared to testify on behalf of a despised Jew. He was, to that extent, an honest loon. All Ezra’s counsel, Iain MacKinnon, had to do was get the loony stuff in first – by treating Felton as a “hostile witness”, not necessarily in the legal sense but in a more basic one.”