Cloying piece in Deutsche Welle about ‘Lampedusa, Gateway to Europe’

“Lampedusa is regarded by many Africans as a gateway to Europe,” it starts. I can agree with that, but I find it deplorable while DW is highly sympathetic.

“Human rights activist Mamadou Ba visited the island recently and his photos cast light on the fate of the refugees who died on their way to Lampedusa.”

And who is Mamadou Ba?  He is from Senegal (94% Muslim), and has been living in Portugal since 1997.  Legal resident?  Not specified, because DW believes that “No one is illegal.”

And what does he do for a living?

He is a “human rights activist” with SOS Racismo (According to Wiki: SOS Racisme is a French anti-racist NGO, founded in 1984. It has counterparts in several other European countries.)

So, he is working to get more Africans to Europe.

The short piece is a series of photographs, with text. The first one is shown below, with DW’s title:

Lampedusa, Gateway to Europe

Here is two others, with their text:

Against “Fortress Europe”

This bunker from the Second World War is a symbol of the European Union’s fortress mentality. In February 2014 over 400 representatives of civil society protested against this and called for a new European immigration policy. In view of the many deaths taking place at the borders of the EU, they demand more respect for the refugees’ human rights.

The Mediterranean off Lampedusa

Inhabitants of the small Italian island located in the Mediterranean between Sicily and North Africa are now hoping for better days. But as long as European immigration policy is not radically redesigned, few people believe that the flow of immigrants and the associated tragedies will end.

* * *
I have no doubt that those fleeing Africa are looking for a better life.

But does DW and the sappy humanitarians of Europe not see what is staring them in the face: Europe cannot possibly absorb all these Africans and remain anything remotely resembling Europe. It will merely become Africa north.

The first generation, used to the poverty of Africa, will be prepared to accept any work for low wages. Their children (and they have lots of children) will not.

Those who cannot make it in high-unemployment Italy will be on benefits or turning to crime. And the cycle will keep repeating as employers keep saying, over and over, “We must have immigrants for jobs Europeans won’t do.”