Honour killing in Pakistan

Muhammad Amir*, a resident of Mamber village, told the media that Muhammad Ashraf had asked his cousin Perveen Jalal’s father for her hand in marriage but he had refused.

He said last month, Jalal and Ashraf eloped and got married in Chichawatni against Jalal’s parents’ wishes.

Amir said a panchayat [village council] had been arranged and Jalal’s family had demanded that she be sent back to them, but she refused to return to her parents because she was scared they would kill her.

He said Jalal’s parents took that as an insult. On Tuesday, her brothers and other family members attacked Ashraf’s house while his family was asleep. They shot at the people sleeping in the house and sprinkled petrol all over the place and set it alight.

Amir said that Ashraf’s brother received serious bullet injuries and died on the spot.

Ashraf’s mother, his sister, brother and a cousin sustained serious burn injuries and were taken to the Toba Tek Singh District Headquarters Hospital.

He said Ashraf and Jalal were not in the house and had escaped several days ago after Jalal’s brothers threatened them with dire consequences.