Ezra Levant on Trial – Day 3

Blogwrath has a write up of yesterday’s events – The third day of Ezra Levant’s trial attracted even more people than yesterday. The courtroom was already full shortly after they opened it. The clerks had to bring more chairs during the first break. The grumpy Mark Steyn spent the day in his corner, resigned to the fact that he had to spend his time listening to the charming Muslim guy, who tried to destroy him seven years ago. Blazingcatfur kept scribbling in his notebook, though from time to time it was difficult to suppress his emotional reactions.

The Big News today – Greg Felton will be teleconferenced as a witness called by Ezra’s side. He will testify to the veracity of a quote attributed to Awan in an interview he did with the plaintiff and which Awan now adamantly denies having made. A 2nd Vancouver journalist will also be testifying on a separate matter for the defense.

Libel suits in Canada are often akin to a legal a shotgun blast with plaintiffs listing as many claims as possible as only one among them needs to be found on by a judge.

Several points of contention in this trial have taken on the nature of a he said, she said. Supporting evidence and or testimony has been produced by both sides over the matter of whether the prospect of a mutually agreed upon author was ever discussed at the initial meeting between Macleans & the Sock-puppets. I’m going with Macleans on this, the CIC’s own initial press release made no mention of such an offer among other “stumbles” made along the way of their preferred narrative. Macleans has been adamant that no such condition was ever discussed during the attempted shakedown.