Toronto Star Shocked That Regent Park Welfare Housing Tenants Not Consulted About The “Culture Of Their Kitchens”

Remember these guys? The ones who want their rent reduced to 85 dollars a month while they vacation in Whateveristan?

Well thy’re back… and Joe Fiorito is giving them the Star Treatment.

The redevelopment of Regent Park is not going smoothly; the reasons might surprise you.

They asked if I would meet them the other day at a coffee shop in the neighbourhood. I showed up, and so did some 70 residents, all of them eager to talk. They are cabbies and housewives, investment counsellors and cooks, and they are from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Somalia, and they swamped the coffee shop.

Mohammed Ullah said, of his new unit, “The kitchen is open to the living room. It’s no good for us; the smoke, the cooking smell.” I was curious. His kitchen would smell of turmeric, of ginger and garlic and curry; what could be wrong?

Hmm; were they not consulted about the design of their new homes, or asked about the culture of their kitchens? “No one asked us.”