The Humpty Dumpty Sgt. Schultz Defense

Today Awan’s defense mimic’s Sgt. Schultz resting on his contention that just because his name appears on a press release, Op-ed or letter to the editor it doesn’t mean he’s responsible for the content, even if he may have contributed to and or reviewed a text in advance of its public release.
Yesterday he channeled Humpty Dumpty testifying words meant whatever he wanted them to mean in an effort to mitigate  the potential damage of his own testimony given under oath at the Macleans/Steyn BCHRT hearing.
He followed up with an explanation of his ground breaking Psychic Defamation claim in which he states Ezra is responsible for knowing the Star edited one of his letters to the editor.
In attendance today Sock Naseem Mithoowani and Mohammedan legal titan Faisal Joseph, each testifying on behalf of Awan.  
Greg Felton’s appearance as a defense witness is postponed till tomorrow.  This concerns a key statement alleged to have been made by Awan which he denies having uttered in an interview with Felton.