Blogwrath on Day 2 of Ezra Levant’s trial

Saw him in the courtroom yesterday…

Let me mention here that denial was his strategy during the court proceedings. I remember his cocky interviews on TV, in which he didn’t hide the role he played in achieving that “victory.” Today we saw a poor traumatized guy, who played a very minor role and who can’t even remember what exactly happened during the human rights trials. Unfortunately, that wasn’t a very successful performance. (…)

His performance on the stand was astonishingly weak. For all the money they charge, Clayton Ruby’s top-notch law firm should’ve prepared him better. Or maybe simply there was not much to work with…

After that McKinnon moved to the particulars of the initial confrontation with Maclean’s Magazine. Awan’s group demanded either a space for a large Islamic article or a substantial donation to a Muslim organization. The lawyer asked: in the general sense, wouldn’t such demand be considered shakedown and extortion attempt? (…)

Again and again Awan was misunderstood – that wasn’t extortion at all. His group of students saw the requested donation as a token of support for the Muslims in Canada. Also, providing space for the Muslim point of view in Maclean’s was seen by the group as affirming the free speech principle (It looks like the Muslims have a very odd understanding of free speech.)